How do I Nominate a Charity at a Meeting?

Any member who has signed the commitment form and is a member in good standing can nominate a charity that has been vetted, and can vote at each meeting. Please note that while members are encouraged to nominate a charity, it is not a requirement for membership. Many members are happy to support the charities nominated by others without ever nominating one themselves.

At the end of each meeting, you will have the opportunity to put a slip of paper that contains your name and the name of your charity into the nomination box.  Three different charities will be selected randomly from the box, to be presented at the following meeting.  Members chosen will be notified confidentially and will have ample time to prepare. The member whose name is on the slip will be asked to give a five-minute presentation explaining why her nominated charity should receive the award.  The presentation must be done by the member whose name was picked. A short Q&A will follow at the conclusion of the three presentations, and then the group will vote on which charity should receive the award.  Please note that only members can present a charity. 

An additional charity will be selected as an alternate; the alternate will only be notified in the event that one of the three primary members cannot attend the meeting.  

Can a charity be nominated by more than one person? Yes. Every member in good standing can nominate one charity at each meeting.  Having more than one member nominate the same charity simply increases that charity’s chance of being picked, but note that any member who nominates at the meeting must be prepared to present at the next meeting if her name is selected.  If more than one member’s name gets chosen for the same charity, they can select which person will give the presentation, but it can only be given by one of the members whose names were selected from the box.  Also, three unique charities will be presented at each meeting so names will be chosen until there are three primary and one alternate unique charities.  

 What if my name is picked to present at the meeting, but I can’t attend? Since only the member whose name was chosen can present, if that member cannot attend the meeting the fourth (alternate) charity will be given the opportunity to present.

Can I nominate the same charity more than once? Yes. There is no limit to the number of times you can nominate the same charity over time, but only once at each meeting.

Once a charity receives an award, can it be nominated again? Any charity that receives an award must wait three years before it can be nominated again.

Can I nominate a charity for presentation at the next meeting if I cannot attend the current meeting? Yes, but you must be available to present at the following meeting, and you must let one of the steering committee members know which charity you want to put in the box so they can do it for you by proxy. Note this means that you must let the steering committee know in advance that you won’t be attending and which charity you want to nominate for presentation at the following meeting. Following the meeting, the steering committee will let you know if your name was selected.