Invitation from the Founder

A friend of mine shared her experience as a member of 100 Women at lunch one day. Lisa is a member of the Naperville Chapter. I was intrigued about making an impact where you can see money doing good locally. I searched for a chapter closer to home and didn’t see an option near me. After talking to a few friends in my area and visiting a meeting at the North Suburban Chicago Chapter, we decided that the Northwest Suburbs needed to continue the good work of 100 Women Who Care. Many thanks to Laurie (founder from North Suburban) who was incredibly generous in helping us start our chapter.

When you donate $100 to a local charity, you wonder if you’re making a difference. When 100 people donate $100 at the same time, the group makes a $10,000 donation. That kind of donation allows a charity to complete a project or attain a goal that had been out of reach. A game changer and it only takes an hour.

Here’s how it works:

  • We get together four times per year to nominate worthy local charities.
  • Any member of the group can nominate a local charity.
  • Three nominations are randomly chosen and after a short presentation by the nominating member, the group votes on which charity to support.
  • Everyone writes a $100 tax-deductible check on the spot to the winning charity.

No volunteering, no telemarketing, no event planning, no silent auction donations to solicit. It’s simply a great way to give back right in our own community.

If you think you might be one of 100 women (or more) who wants to join with us, we would love for you to become a member.

The power of 100 women having local impact. Come join us.

Sincerely yours,

Cindy Alton

Founder, 100 Women Who Care NW Suburban Chicago Area Chapter